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What to Ask When Choosing an Exotic Pet Veterinary Hospital

What to Ask When Choosing an Exotic Pet Veterinary Hospital

Finding a veterinarian to care for a rare pet can be difficult for people who want to keep a rare animal as a pet. Some excellent online resources can lead individuals to amazing local veterinarians experienced with exotic animals. Some people in distant areas may have difficulty finding exotic pet veterinarians.

Questions to Ask When Looking for an Exotic Pet Vet

Word-of-mouth is one of the best methods to locate a vet who treats exotic animals. Your fellow exotic pet owners may know and use someone and provide a recommendation. Here are five crucial factors to consider:

1. Has this veterinarian ever treated any snakes, birds, ferrets, rabbits, or other animals?

While the practice may not necessarily lead to perfection, it does lead to improvement. The more of a particular species a veterinarian sees, the more likely they will detect the ailment and offer the proper therapy. The majority of veterinarians have little to no experience with exotic animal species; thus, they must seek out information on their own to learn how to care for these creatures. 

These are the veterinarians you want to see because they go above and beyond to know about exotic pets. If you don’t know anyone who can treat your avian pet, check out facilities like the Pine Grove Animal Clinic for the best avian and exotic animal care.

2. Is the veterinary hospital equipped to handle exotic animals?

Exotic pets are often seen at cat and dog hospitals since they are the only game in town. When no one else will treat an exotic pet when it is sick, many cat and dog hospitals will. If a veterinary hospital has the necessary equipment and supplies, you can tell if it is equipped to treat exotic pets. 

A small scale that weighs in grams, for example, can be used to weigh small exotic creatures, and a tank can be used to enclose a reptile safely. They probably don’t treat many exotic patients if they don’t have equipment specifically developed to treat and examine them.

3. Do veterinary technicians have experience with exotic patients?

It takes years to learn how to treat exotic pets properly. Most exotic animals are stressed when confined. No matter how good a veterinarian treats exotic species, they need a good technical crew to keep them safe. Observe how veterinary personnel restrain and handle exotic animals to determine how often they handle them. 

Relaxed exotic pet restraint technicians and veterinarians should take up and manage your pet. If they’re stumbling about trying to grab your pet, they’re new. If you’re looking for a vet that will treat your pet as their own, there are many veterinarians in Pine Grove vet PA that you can visit.

4. Do the vets belong to any exotic animal associations?

Exotic animal veterinarians can join organizations like the Association of Avian Veterinarians, Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, and Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians. These groups offer veterinary continuing education. Those interested in exotic pet care generally join one or more of these groups. 

The logos of these organizations are displayed in clinic windows or printed on client materials by physicians who belong to them. Each organization includes a webpage with a map of current members. A veterinarian who joins one of these organizations is passionate about exotic pets.

It is important that you know someone that offers animal internal medicine services to help your exotic pet if they should ever need diagnosis and treatment, learn more about internal medicine here.

5. Does the veterinary hospital offer emergency care for exotic pets?

Most exotic pet owners don’t think about it until an emergency arises. While some veterinary facilities offer on-call veterinarians and technicians who stay overnight to care for severe cases, others do not. Nonetheless, they have arranged overnight and emergency care for their patients at local 24-hour emergency clinics. 

While most local emergency clinics welcome dog and cat patients, they may not be equipped to handle exotic pet emergencies. 

If you’re looking for a veterinary hospital to care for your exotic pet, ask how they handle emergencies. With no backup, they’ll probably only treat a few exotics. Your exotic pet physician should have an after-hours strategy like your dog or cat veterinarian. They should know how to interact well with your pet’s doctor. Don’t be afraid to ask. It could be the answer.