What Are the Health Risks Caused by Fire Damage?

What Are the Health Risks Caused by Fire Damage?

If your property or business was destroyed by fire, In that case, it is imperative to contact a fire damage restoration company at the earliest time possible. They offer fire damage repair services to homeowners and businesses within the region. The team of experts can mitigate damage and assist in the repair of your property’s state.

Health Risks of a Fire Damage

Although the structural damage caused by a fire’s effects is evident, fire damage is not as obvious. Still, fire isn’t the only source of danger. Consider the negative consequences of fire, the smoke, and soot that can affect your health, family, and guests.

Respiratory Issues

The primary danger to health is the risk of breathing issues. Even though the smoke has gone, the effects remain on the walls, carpets and furniture, and other places that can result in breathing problems. Additionally, suppose you get in contact with a damaged area caused by smoke in your home. In that case, inhaling soot and other debris that remains after the fire was put out is possible.

The smell from the soot and smoke can last and create respiratory issues. The first black odors generated by a fire can trigger coughing and breathing difficulties. However, the smell of dust and smoke will persist after the black smoke has gone away. The odor of these substances can cause respiratory issues, such as:

  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Coughing
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Eye irritation

Since soot and smoke build up in porous material around your property and are usually left behind following a fire. Smoke and soot may cause eyes that are itchy, red, and watery eyes that aren’t pleasant. Even if you don’t notice it, smoke damage can irritate and may damage your eyes over time. If you see any indications of irritation to your eyes, consult an eye specialist immediately and get your eyes checked.

Smoke damage can lead to various health issues, and it is recommended to clean it up quickly. A professional cleanup of smoking damage is the most efficient method to prevent future health problems. In this case, you can quickly search for restoration contractors near me.

Skin Issues

Furthermore, soot and smoke residues can irritate and affect the skin. And may cause severe irritation and dryness that is not removed by applying lotion. In certain cases, the problem may get worse and require medical treatment. Although you can wash things like clothes and fabrics damaged by smoking, smoke residues could irritate your surface and create discomfort.

Heart Attacks

Health risks for long-term caused by fire damage are strokes and heart attacks. Products that contain varying levels of chemical substances do not ignite properly during the fire. Some examples are:


  • Materials containing asbestos
  • Foam\sWool\sFabrics
  • Wooden goods Plastics Carpets


Toxins like furans, sulfur dioxide, and dioxins are released when substances ignite. In the long run, exposure to these chemicals may cause health issues, including:


  • Specific types of cancer
  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks
  • Infant developmental disorders

Getting fire damage restoration assistance like PuroClean of Clackamas is imperative as soon as possible so that you do not cause injury to yourself, your neighbors, and your guests.

As a Summary

Even the tiniest fire, when it is quickly put out, can result in smoke damage to your possessions. In addition, it could affect the structure of your house. Therefore, cleaning the fumes and soot as quickly as possible following a fire is essential. It is also imperative to act fast to limit the damage. A skilled smoke damage restoration expert will assess the damage and design a custom mitigation plan to ensure your home is safe from fire-related damage.