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The Health Benefits of Olive Oil for Dogs

The Health Benefits of Olive Oil for Dogs

Olive oil comes with a variety of health advantages. The delicious superfood aids in everything from arthritis mobility and blood vessel health. Olive oil is beneficial both for humans and dogs. If you feed your pet olive oil, be sure that it’s extra virgin olive oil. It’s possible to find cheap olive oil tempting, but there’s a considerable difference between standard olive oil and olive oil that is extra virgin.

These oils are prepared using inferior olives and then transformed to remove the majority of the nutrients in olives. On the other hand, extra-virgin olive oil is made from the best olives and is left unprocessed, keeping its flavor, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Olive Oil Advantages for Pets

While olive oil has several health advantages, it is crucial to consume it in moderation. It is well-known that olive oil is high in healthful fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals. Olive oil can help your dog live a more peaceful, healthy life in many different ways.

1. Skin and Fur Enhancement

Olive oil could help dogs with dry skin and dull-looking fur, as it can help ensure that your hair stays beautiful and healthy. Although it may be used directly in arid areas, it’s most effective when added to your dog’s food. Be sure to consult your veterinarian Los Angeles if your dog’s ordinarily lustrous smooth coat turns dry and dull since it could signal something more serious to be the cause.

However, Olive oil could soothe and restore shine from the inside out for those who have dogs who have dry skin and itchy from seasonal allergies.

2. Brain Advancement

We already know that the oil could assist people in avoiding the development of Alzheimer’s, but did you realize that it also helps maintain the health of your dog’s brain? It may even help older dogs prevent dementia. In essence, the oil’s components assist in preventing specific plaques from accumulating in your brain.

Olive oil is excellent for all breeds as a dietary supplement to the brain; however, it’s more beneficial to intelligent species. Several websites like ranchoparkveterinaryclinic.com can give you pointers on how important routinary exams are to your pet’s brain development. Scheduled visits to the vet is vital to every aspect of your pet’s wellness.

3. Immune System Booster

As olive oil is rich in vitamins E polyphenols, vitamins E, antioxidants, and many other mineral compounds, it may aid in strengthening your dog’s immune system. This can increase their resistance to some illnesses. It is essential to understand that feeding your pet olive oil isn’t a substitute for vaccinating it. To know about the importance of vaccination, you can visit this page. Consider it the same method we use vitamin C to enhance our immune system during flu and cold seasons.

4. Natural Flea Repellent

Olive oil can help dry dogs’ skin and is an oil carrier for essential oils. Mix olive oil and lavender essential oil in a spray bottle. Spray it over your dog’s collar and back to protect him from ticks and fleas. It’s not recommended to spray your dog’s sensitive areas (eyes and noses, ears, genitals).

If your dog already has fleas, apply olive oil directly to their skin to get rid of them. Start by working your way down to his tail, beginning at the back of his head (avoiding the eyes as well as his face). It is recommended to wait for three to four days before washing off the oil from your skin.

5. Overall Wellness

The powerful antioxidants found in olive oil extra virgin may assist in fighting cancer-causing free radicals. Since more than half of dogs over ten years old suffer from malignant tumors and other types of cancer, it makes sense to add olive oil to your dog’s diet right away.

With the many benefits, it’s tempting to add olive oil to the dog’s food. We think it’s an excellent idea, but you should start by taking small steps and gradually build. Because no two dogs are similar, so too is the digestive tract. Certain breeds have iron stomachs, and others have more sensitive stomachs. So, before adding olive oil to your dog’s meals, see your doctor to confirm any existing diseases or allergies.