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Five Teeth Replacement Options to Restore Your Confident Smile

Five Teeth Replacement Options to Restore Your Confident Smile

The past few years have seen drastic growth in the field of dental innovation and advancement. As a result, people with missing teeth do not need to fret about getting them back, as there have been numerous dental options that can efficiently attend to that issue.

Many years ago, people who grew old and lost teeth could not do anything to have them back. However, that’s in history, as dental innovation has advanced greatly and provided intelligent solutions. Now let us talk about the best missing tooth solutions and see what will suit you best.

Best Solutions for Replacing a Missing Tooth

It’s saddening when someone loses a tooth. But the good thing is that we now have lots of choices to choose from to get our missing tooth back. Below are five known dental options to replace missing teeth.

1. Implant-supported dentures

This type of denture is stronger and more durable than conventional ones since it uses implants for better retention and not just adhesives to keep it in place. Moreover, the support of this implant enables the dental fixture to be shaped like a horseshoe, which minimizes the bulkiness, opens the taste buds for a better ability to taste and consume food, and creates more space for the tongue.

2. Dental implants

A dental implant is a cosmetic type of dentistry and is an excellent way to replace your missing tooth. This option lets you have the experience of having a real and natural tooth when smiling, brushing, and chewing. This is a good solution for replacing many teeth and a single tooth.

The implant acts as the root of a missing tooth and heals for about six months. An excellent advantage of this choice is there’s no need to alter and adjust other teeth while putting an implant. You may visit this page for detailed information about dental implants and their benefits.

3. Fixed dental bridge

If you’re not a fan of dental implants and don’t intend to opt for them, then see if you will prefer a fixed dental bridge. This option is effective if you’re missing a tooth or more in the same area. Fixed dental bridges can bridge the gap created by missing teeth with an artificial tooth or dental prosthetic.

Then prosthetics will be attached to adjacent teeth and bonded with dental cement. Fixed dental bridges will vary in price depending on your area and the materials used.

4. Dentures

Getting partial or full dentures might be a good option if you’ve lost a tooth or two. Dentures are false removable teeth that help you speak normally and eat food after major tooth loss. While dentures might sometimes slip when you sneeze and cough, they can be fixed by carefully biting down and swallowing.

Although dentures are the expertise of prosthodontists, you may still get your dentures from the local dentists specializing in general dentistry Sewell, NJ, for a reasonable price.

5. Do nothing

If you just lost a tooth, there’s always the option to leave it as it is. However, the bone will melt away, and the close-by teeth will then shift and fill the gap, which commonly creates spaces hard to clean and may even cause other problems like bone decay or loss around the existing teeth.