5 Best Antivirus Software for Windows in 2020

There are only a small number of free Windows antivirus programs that really provide decent PC protection.

And a few free antiviruses are spyware designed to steal your personal information. This is particularly true for Windows because, with so many users around the world, it is the most popular target for viruses and other harmful malware. That is why it’s vital that you don’t fall prey to these common scams and just download valid programs with a history of high-quality performance.


I have examined over 80 antivirus solutions to bring you these free Windows antiviruses which are better than the rest. While there’s absolutely no such thing as a “free antivirus” with zero constraints, these 5 brands every provide a totally free plan that will help protect your PC. They’re often fairly basic, but a lot of them are worth trying, and some are far better than Windows Defender — the default security included with Windows. We also ranked the top 5 best antivirus apps for ipads and iphones.

Yes, You Have a Free Antivirus on Your PC, But it’s Not Good Enough

Your Windows computer already includes Windows Defender — that, as you can see from our current review, is a good free antivirus. However, the problem with Windows Defender is that it does not do enough for cybersecurity and online security, and Microsoft rarely updates it. To maintain your PC actually safe, you will need the sort of protection that you can only get from dedicated antivirus software.

There are a number of impressive free antivirus applications out there — but bear in mind that none of those free versions provide complete protection. It is not totally safe to trust the free version of a paid product.

These free versions do not just limit exceptional features. In actuality, many brands book their greatest degree of security for paying consumers — Malwarebytes and TotalAV being a few of those brands.

By way of instance, advanced security against ransomware is often a premium antivirus attribute. Ransomware works by locking up your computer or personal documents and demanding that you make a payment to discharge them. It’s risky to leave yourself open to this sort of critical assault, but a superior antivirus nearly always includes ensured ransomware protection.

My number 1 free Windows antivirus application, Panda Free Antivirus, is especially generous with its free offerings.

But the premium edition of any one of those products will offer more security features than all of the free versions combined.

How I Rated the Top Free Windows Antivirus Software:

While many brands provide something at no cost, there’s a massive difference when it comes to quality and security. Most so-called “free antivirus programs” turn out to be only a virus scan — some apps will detect malware-free of charge but demand payment to eliminate it. To rank as top 5, a free windows antivirus software has to offer the following:

Genuinely free. Brands usually attempt to trick you into staying together by offering a free trial and then making you pay to keep using this product. I checked to ensure that every one of those programs was really free rather than only offering a “free trial”.

No surprises. I do not bear surprises when it comes to online security. Every antivirus here does exactly what it says it will and does not conceal anything or fool you into paying cash.

Strong protection. I can confidently state that every one of those free antivirus programs provides a relatively safe level of security for both you and your devices.

Exceptional test results. You will find fake antivirus programs on the market, but I have personally tested all my top 5 to a vast array of standards and feel 100% secure in recommending them to you. To find out more about how we examine an antivirus, go here.

Additional features. You’re not likely to find the best a brand has to offer without paying for it. However, I’ve given particular consideration to brands offering a few added features at no additional price.

What is the catch with free antiviruses?

There’s absolutely not any such thing as a free antivirus. You always “cover” with something. Most antivirus companies provide premium versions of their programs and restrict the free version to only provide basic protection. This leaves many holes in your computer’s cybersecurity defense. The business hopes you will recognize you are not well-protected, and they will attempt to get you to upgrade to the paid program by sending you a slew of advertisements and notifications.

Another antivirus companies even sell free users’ information to big corporations for marketing purposes.

If you are only using your unit for easy online browsing or word processing, then you are probably fine with a free antivirus. But, generally speaking, if you have any type of sensitive information being saved or saved in your Windows device, it is always better to invest in high quality (low-cost) premium antivirus than it is to trust a free antivirus.