Like many foolhardy ideas, Chavit’s Newsroom was created of a period of excellent adversity. Faced with threats concerning the overwhelming volume of news websites that offers everyday contents, Chavit Robinson resorted to “newsroom” media in his house back then. In 2010, the devious duo based Chavit’s Newsroom, a blog dedicated to supplying different subjects such as Animals, Business, Digital Marketing, Environment, Health, Home/Real Estate, Lifestyle, Nature, Science, and Technology. Along with being a socket for Chavit’s bottomless obsession with the most up-to-date and newest feed around the planet, it is also the home of hope, providing each post with transparency and truth.

Who Am I?

My name is Chavit Robinson.

I love, breathe and live in Ontario, Canada. In a small town and contented with it. I discovered that reading and writing as hobbies when I was a child, and I despise it until I got the chance to research and get on the internet.

I constantly wished to provide the information than obtaining it without researching and digging deep about it. That’s why it compels me to stay long before the screen with my team to provide top-quality content.

Thanking my supporters
I’ve dedicated myself to giving my readers a quality read every moment. But this is no guarantee that individuals would read, and like, and discuss, and follow my website.

Connect with me
For speaking events or consent to use my materials in publications, please contact me at [email protected]. It is possible to follow me well on Twitter and Tumblr.