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Is Mother Nature Healing itself?

We’ve been awestruck, dumbfounded, and scared by how an “easy” virus was assaulting the human race, which broke out in Wuhan, a city in Hubei province of China, in December 2019. It’s been reported that the majority of the cities which were attacked first by a coronavirus, were situated close to the equatorial line. It has spread everywhere in the […]

The Health Benefits of Some Sun Exposure

Sunshine is a mixed blessing. There is no question it may be a threat to your own skin. But moderate sunlight exposure can have benefits to your health, for example, stronger bones, improved sleep, enhanced mood, along with a healthier immune system. And if you always protect yourself from sunlight or constantly pay every inch of exposed skin with hydration, […]

How To Start A Business 2021

Entrepreneurship is a concept that appeals to many, but figuring out how to begin a business can at times be so overpowering it scares people off. What do you need to sell? Who if you market to? How are you going to get clients? If that is not enough, every other week there looks like a new business tendency online. […]